Partnership with VISD

Teen Council Parent Information Letter



Dear Parent or Other Caring Adult,

In order to support our new sexuality curriculum “Get Real”, a partnership was created with a student leadership group to assist with specifically-chosen lessons. This student group, “Teen Council” is made up of teens in grades ranging from 10th, 11th and 12th grade at Vashon Island High School.

Teen Council (TC) is a national award-winning, medically accurate, and evidence-based youth peer education program utilized throughout the country for the past 25 years. We are pleased to partner and collaborate with our island domestic violence prevention agency DOVE (Dignity, Opportunity, Voice, Empowerment), who is coordinating this quality program. For more information about this program, please see the following link: Teen Council Information

Teen Council members were selected from a pool of applicants based upon recommendation from administrators, teachers, counselors and health care professionals . Qualifications of a Teen Council member are that they must be reliable, articulate, and have the time to commit to this program. Interviews were also conducted with the candidates who applied to be on the Teen Council.

Under the guidance of educators at The DOVE Project, Teen Council members go through extensive training to learn how to make presentations to their peers on a variety of issues related to sexual health and identity. They log over 100 hours of training per year and not only do lesson presentations in the schools but provide workshops and community outreach. The core components of high warmth, high structure and high expectation are guiding principles of the program.

Currently, the Get Real lessons that will be co-taught by the classroom teacher, the Teen Council, and the Teen Council advisor:

● 7th grade- Sexual Identity & Creating a Safe Environment

● 8th grade- Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships & Refusal Skills

If you have more specific questions about the training that the Teen Council has received you may contact your child’s teacher or Tracy McLaren, the Teen Council advisor at (206-940-6430) or at

We appreciate your partnership in this important piece of your students’ learning at our school.


Greg Allison

Carrie Hatfield
7th Grade Health Teacher

Eileen Hoffman
8th Grade Health Teacher