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For an extensive list of teen resources such as downloads, video, and links, look here.

To go straight to our favorite animated videos on sex ed click here!

Scarleteen is a great resource for a multitude of sex-ed related things! It’s highly inclusive and comprehensive, so we really recommend checking it out.

Gay City is an LGBTQ+ resource and advocacy group located in Seattle. They provide free HIV/STI screening, and can provide vocalizations for STIs like HPV. They also do referrals and have a far reach, so if you have a question or need help, they most likely have the answer.

Awesome and Informative Zine on Mental illness + Gender and Sexuality, by Ray

Informative and engaging website to address and reflect upon relationships and situations yourself or friends may encounter

Check out this amazing zine created by Vashon Teen Council member Leo on gender and sexuality.

Rainbow Center is a LGBTQ+ advocacy group based out of Tacoma. They offer support for people who have experiences assault and need guidance on what to do next. If you go to the Crime Victim Advocacy tab on their website, you are directed to a page that has hotlines and ways for you to get in contact with professionals that are their to support you.

Seattle Children’s Hospital has a gender clinic that provides gender affirming care to people up to 21 years old. They can provide puberty blockers, hormones, and mental health support. However, they cannot do transition surgeries, but can give patients referrals.

Fabulous Zine on Friendship, the premise of any relationship, by Louisa

Engage with this comprehensive “choose your own adventure relationship outcomes game”