Book Club – April 2017

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Sex: The all-you-need-to-know sexuality guide to get you through your teens and twenties

by Heather Corinna

Welcome to the April 2017 book club suggestion, brought to you by Teen Council member Ruby Seago! This week’s recommendation is a number one best seller on Amazon, written by a very cool individual. All of us over at Teen Council have a lot of love for Heather Corinna. She lives right here on Vashon Island, is an educator, dog-lover, and creator of the world-famous sex education website, (reaching 30,000 viewers per day)! Heather came to discuss some topics with TC towards the beginning of our meetings, and we formed a connection with them that we’re ever so grateful for. Heather is REAL – about sex, protection, gender, politics, and so much else. They don’t hold anything back, and in this day and age, that’s exactly what we need.

One of the first lines of this book is, “…I invite you to make a bold choice: to envision, create, and stand up for a healthy, happy, and satisfying sexual life that you make and live exactly to fit and benefit the unique person you are and anyone else you decide to share it with. I’m talking about a sexuality and sexual life that are all yours and that come from who you are and what you want, not one based on scripts, standards, or ideals that someone else–often someone who’s never even met you–came up with.”

With that, the guide stands out immediately as one of the first and best guilt and shame free, comprehensive sex education manuals. This book tells young people that it’s okay to be confused, curious, vulnerable, and honest. It’s okay to want to have sex, or not want to have sex. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable with the gender you were assigned, or learn for the first time that gender is not a binary. Full of over 400 pages of medically accurate information about bodies, relevant technological resources, a glossary and index, and Heather’s classic dry humor and charm, this book is not to be missed. It’s an excellent gift for a young person coming into puberty, a full grown adult wishing to be re-educated on the changing culture around sexuality, or just for yourself as a resource. The reviews for Heather’s book are overwhelmingly positive, and for good reason. If you want a place to start learning about sexual education and identity, THIS is the place!

You can buy the book here, or contact us if you’d like a copy and cannot afford one.

Thanks, Heather! See you next month for book club!

Love, Ruby

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