More 7th Grade Questions

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7th Grade:


Q: What is an Alabama hot pocket?

A: An extremely dangerous sexual act, in which a person introduces fecal matter to the vagina. This can lead to UTI’s and other infections within the vagina.

Q:What is a frosty Jim?

A: A frosty Jim is when a condom is filled with urine and frozen, then used as a phallic object. This can be a dangerous practice, that is not recommended.


Q:A friend said that there are flavored condoms for oral sex, is that true?

A: Yes, however, keep in mind that they are not made for vaginal sex and can cause yeast infections.


Q:Medically, what is the right time 4 sex?

A: In the state of Washington you cannot give sexual consent until your 16. There is no ‘medical’ right time for sex. There is a general idea of when humans reach mental maturity (around 25), but it is entirely up to your morals.


Q:Do you have to wear protection when you are having sex?

A: We highly recommend using protection to prevent pregnancy and/or the spread of STIs. Unless you and your partner(s) have been tested and are clean and are not worried about pregnancy, then you can have a conversation about not using them. If you are unconcerned about pregnancy, keep in mind that STIs can still be spread.


Q:How fast does a women take to make milk?

A: Women generally begin to produce milk during pregnancy, and throughout the time they are breast feeding. However, some women don’t produce breast milk throughout breast feeding, or don’t produce it at all. It varies person to person, and there is no ‘normal’.


Q:Is masterbation good or bad?

A: Physically, masturbation doesn’t hurt your health, and can even be good for you. It is completely up to you whether you choose to, or not, but it is completely normal and healthy.


Q:Does a condom work?

A: A condom is 98% effective at preventing pregnancy, and if used correctly can prevent STIs, such as HIV, by 98-99%. Keep in mind that these statistics require that you know how to correctly use a condom, so make sure that you are aware before engaging in sexual activities.  

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