Book Club – March 2017

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March’s Book Recommendation!

“Where’s MY Book? – A guide for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth, Their Parents, & Everyone Else”

Welcome to the Teen Council Book Club! I’m Ruby and I will try to keep this blog updated with new books on a variety of topics – gender, sexuality, relationships (healthy and non-healthy, romantic and platonic), communication, food, and everything in-between!

This week’s book is by Linda Gromko, a family physician. The Amazon description describes the book as such:

“Linda Gromko, MD is a Board Certified Family Physician who has worked with the transgender community for nearly eighteen years. She explains the basics of gender identity, sexual orientation, puberty, puberty blockers, hormone treatments, and gender affirming surgeries. She shares years of her patients’ wisdom and practical information on getting through every day in the best way possible-from coming out to parents, to school issues, to coping with depression, to love and sex. Why is this book important? We know that transgender kids and their families need specialized information. Alarmingly, the suicide attempt rate among trans youth is close to half! This book is intended to give gender non-conforming kids some of the information they need to grow to be happy, productive, loving and loved. It’s intended to provide the information we need as parents, educators, and health care providers to do better with and for our kids. “Honest, accurate, sensitive, and straightforward, Dr. Gromko’s advice and explanations are a breath of fresh air. ANYONE curious about this topic can benefit from her wisdom and clarity.”

A close friend’s review of the book says that while it is a good place to start from, it doesn’t give much new or challenging information that is helpful to trans individuals looking for specific support. It does provide good step-by-step instructions in terms of insurance and medical procedures as well as name change requirements, but is more targeted towards the parents and peers of gender non-conforming individuals than the individuals themselves.

This book is also quite large, so we’d suggest having a good amount of time and dedication to the information within! Let us know what you think if you’ve read it, and feel free to suggest any future books for our book club – there are very few requirements for the Teen Council Book Club!

Happy reading!

Love, Ruby


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